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height="565"><tr> <TD valign="top"><P><font face="Arial"> <H2>The Wine Cottage: a 2 to 3 person gite with stunning views in the Dordogne, France</H2> ' ' <font size="3"><font color="#000000" SIZE="3"><b><align="right"><a href="main_fr.html">' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Francais- cliquez ici</a></b><br> <font size="3"> <a href="winecottage.html"><IMG width="300" src="aviewcottage.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="The view from the wine cottage" align="right"></a> <p> The Wine Cottage is set in ancient stone walls almost a metre thick and studded with loads of lovely double glazed windows for the fabulous views. It sleeps 2 adults and a cot and a day bed in the living space. Like the Wine Lodge the views of the organic vineyard and the Dordogne Valley and its superb location set this accommodation apart.<p> The Wine Cottage is semi-detached from the main farmhouse facing onto the courtyard on one side and onto the vines on the two sides built on a limestone plateau over the vineyard. The grand room has five large double windows. It accomodates a generous seating area furnished with comfortable sofa and chairs and a kitchen fully equipped with dishwasher, microwave, toaster, coffee machine, kettle, all the key cooking utensils and crockery you could wish for and of course wonderful cristal wine glasses from which to sip wine from the surrounding organic vineyards. There is high speed WIFI. There is no TV. <P> <a href="winecottage.html"><IMG width="300" src="cottageexterior.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="The wine cottage" align="right"></a> The bedroom is furnished with a new kingsize double bed (which can be changed to two single beds if required) and large cupboard and desk. A shower room with WC and basin. The accommodation has been newly reroofed with ecological insulation. The pillows and duvets are made with organic cotton.<P> The large wrap around enclosed private terrace offers two seating areas with sublime views, a barbecue and two sunloungers.<p> Sean and Caro Feely look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful organic farm. <p> <a href="winecottagelayout.pdf"><b>Click here to view a pdf of the layout of the wine cottage</b></a><p><a href="feelyfarmandgites.pdf"><b> Click here for a pdf of where the Wine Cottage is at chteau Feely</b></a><p><IMG width="300" src="cottagebedroom.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="The wine cottage bedroom" align="right"></a> <a href="tarifs.html"><b>Prices & Availability</b></a> <p> <p> <h2>Gallery photo albums of the wine cottage</h2> <p> <b><a href="gallery04.php" alt="Wine Cottage interior"> Wine Cottage Interior</a><br> <a href="gallery05.php" alt="Lodge Views">Wine Cottage Views</a><br> <a href="gallery06.php" alt="Lodge Exterior">Wine Cottage Exterior</a><br> <p></b> Visit <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com" target="_blank"><b>French Wine Adventures</b></a> for the wine school, multi-day organic vineyard walks and tours to St Emilion we offer. <p> Visit <a href="http://www.feelywines.com/tours.html" target="_blank"><b>Our Vineyard Tours</a></b> for the wine related activities we offer on the farm<p> <font size='3'><b> </TD></TR></TABLE> <font face="Arial"> <font size="2"> <font face="Arial"> <font size="1"> </p> <b><a href="http://www.feelywines.com" target="_blank">Feely Wines</a> | <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com" target="_blank"><b>French Wine Adventures</b></a></b></a> <p> <p> <font size="1"><font color="#666666" face="Arial">SARL Chateau Feely SIRET (company Registration): 48411928400012 TVA Intracommunautaire: FR47484119284 </td><td valign="top" width="24"></td><td valign="top" width="1%"> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td></tr></table></body> </html>