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height="565"><tr> <TD valign="top"><P><font face="Arial"> <H2>Ten wonderful Reasons, Ten detailed Amenities, Ten ecological elements and Ten things to do around us</H2> <font size="3"><font color="#000000" SIZE="3"><b><align="right"><a href="main_fr.html">' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Francais- cliquez ici</a></b><br> <font size="3"> <a href="http://www.feelywines.com" target="_blank"><IMG width="300" src="saussignac.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="The hamac in the shade of the trees" align="right"></a> <b> <li><a href="#10reasons">Ten reasons to be tempted</a> <li><a href="#10Amenities">Ten detailed amenities</a> <li><a href="#10eco">Ten ecological elements of staying at Chateau Feely</a> <li><a href="#10location">Ten things to do around us</a> <li><a href="#10special">Special Interest Holidays: wine tours or classes, French language, painting or photography classes, writers retreat</a> <li><a href="#gallery">Gallery of Photos of the Property and things to do</a> <a name="10reasons"></a></align=left></p><h2><a name="Ten Reasons">Ten Reasons to be Tempted</b></a></h2> <p> <b>*New!* Dip in our 12*4m salt water pool whenever the whim takes you!</b> <p> 1. Walk to saussignac to collect croissants for breakfast (1km) <b>enjoying the views, smells and life of our charming local village</b> (PS let us know if you want to order as they are known to sell out).<p> <a href="winecottage.html"><IMG width="300" src="viewtastingdeck.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="The view from the tasting deck looking towards the wine lodge" align="right"></a> 2. Breakfast on the balcony or terrace taking in the <b>stunning views of the organic vineyards and dreaming</b> about what you are going to do today. Bird watching and deer-spotting are excellent particularly at dawn and dusk. <p> 3. Walk the organic vineyard trail we have marked on the 30 acre estate and <b>wonder at the miracles of nature from wild orchids to the spiky dinosaurial intrigue of horsetail</b>. <p> 4. Take the picnic pack for a <b>magic walk</b> on the commune paths of saussignac using our marked IGN walking map or simply picnic under the trees on the farm. Our small oak forest and picnic pasture provide great entertainment for young adventurers. <p> 5. Pick fresh fruit off the tree and eat it immediately for a <b>taste sensation</b>. The fruit season starts with cherries in May and finishes with grapes in September / October when you can taste your way through all the varietals and wonder at the diversity of flavours. If you are B&B with us we provide jams and preserves of these wonders with breakfast all year round.<p> 6. Bike or walk Famille Moutier for a <b>gourmet lunch</b> (7km) or luxe out at Chateau des Vigiers Michelin starred les Fresques (7km). <p> 7. <b>Read a book in the hamac</b> under the cool shade of the trees in the park (both houses have a small library and we have many more wine related books and novels available from the tasting room/ wine school). <p> <a href="http://www.feelywines.com" target="_blank"><IMG width="300" src="hamac.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="The hamac in the shade of the trees" align="right"></a> 8. Drink the wine from the vineyard you're looking at: <b>taste, see, smell and feel the terroir</b>. <P> 9. Walk to the Lion D'Or in Saussignac for a delicious dinner with Martine and Luc and then have a <b>romantic moonlit</b> walk home.<p> <p> 10. <b>Stargaze</b> with the naked eye or take your passion further with the telescope available in the tasting room. Being rural means little light pollution and a fabulous starry dome in the heavens <p> <a name="10Amenities"></a></align=left></p><h2><a name="Ten Amenities">Ten Amenities to Enjoy</b></a></h2> <p> <b>*New!* Dip in our 12*4m salt water pool whenever the whim takes you!</b> <p> 1. High speed wireless internet WIFI <p> 2. New king-size beds <p> 3. Allergy free cushions and duvets with cotton sheets <p> <a href="http://www.luxurydordognegites.com"><IMG width="300" src="saltpoolchateaufeely.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="The new 12*4m salt water swimming pool at Chateau Feely organic vineyard wine estate in France" align="right"></a> </b><p> 4. Herb garden with a variety of culinary herbs right outside the kitchen for the wine cottage and a few steps across the deck for the wine lodge<p> 5. Bicycles (two per gite, can be booked so you can have all four)<p> 6. A complimentary one hour wine-tasting visit at chteau Feely<p> 7. Wireless speaker for ipod/ ipad/ iphone/ or Android device in the Wine Lodge and a USB plug in on the hi fi for the Wine Cottage<p> 8. A gift bottle of Feely wine chilling in the fridge<p> 9. A picnic backpack with blanket, plates, cups, utensils, and cutting board available in the tasting room<p> 10. A concierge service is available (eg if you would like a stocked refrigerator, a casual supper on arrival or other service, just let us know). <p> PS Full length mirrors & hairdryers included <p> PPS Baby cot, high chair and bath available on demand. In the shaded park next to the hamac are a swing and slide. <p> PPPS A helicopter landing space is available in a flat field on our farm near the new wine Lodge. The Lodge and Cottage are a couple of hundred metres from it. <p> <a name="10eco"></a></align=left></p><h2><a name="Ten Ecological Elements">Ten Ecological Elements</b></a></h2> <p> <a href="http://www.feelywines.com" target="_blank"><IMG width="300" src="secretwalks.jpg" hspace="10" height="400" border="0" alt="Secret Walks at Chateau Feely" align="right"></a> 1. You are surrounded by our organic farm so you are guaranteed no pesticides, herbicides or systemic fungicides in the air near your accommodation (for more on <b><a href="http://www.feelywines.com/ourwines.html#why" target="_blank">why organic farming is important for you see our why series</a></b>) <p> 2. We provide ecological cleaning products for you to use <p> 3. In your holiday house you will find recycling compartments and notices on how to use them in France <p> 4. In your holiday house you will find how to contribute your veg and fruit waste to the compost heap on our natural farm<p> 5. The Wine Lodge is ecologically constructed down to the organic paint, natural insulation and low energy underfloor heating. The Wine Cottage is mostly ecologically constructed thick stone walls dating back to the 1700's, natural paint, wood fibre insulation and organic duvets and pillows. With each renovation we make it more ecological.<p> 6. We capture the rain water from both roofs to use on the gardens and farm. All the loos are fitted with duel flush to save water.<p> 7. For the tasting room lunches and for breakfast if you are B&B with us we provide organic, local products.<p> 8. We have installed eco-friendly design like overhanging roofs in the wine lodge and tasting room for natural temperature management, light wells or sunlights in the corridors to avoid unecessary lighting in daytime and sensors on lights in key places.<p> 9. We reduce electricity use (we know we can do more); drying linen and towels naturally on a line, using a heat pump for heating water and underfloor heating in the Wine Lodge (solar will be added when the barn roof is redone). <p> 10. We share our passion for organic and eco friendly living with guests. We invite you to do the one hour visit with us or book onto a longer visit - free for kids - to learn more about what organic farming means in viticulture <b><a href="http://www.feelywines.com/tours.html" target="_blank">our vineyard visits and wine tours</a></b>. We offer free visits to school and college groups to share this passion. <a name="10location"></a></align=left></p><h2><a name="Ten Location">Ten Best Things to do in the Region</b></a></h2> <a href="http://www.feelywines.com" target="_blank"><IMG width="300" src="stemilion.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="Visiting St Emilion" align="right"></a> <p> 1. Canoe the Dordogne. Just five minutes from us in Gardonne you can hire a canoe to paddle down the river. We are lucky to have the cleanest of the five great rivers of France, the Dordogne, on our doorstep. For families and couples this is a great outing in summer. Take a picnic, stop on an island to eat and swim, laze on the river. <p> 2. Spend a day wine tasting on the property at our wine school <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com" target="_blank"><b>French Wine Adventures</b></a> <p> 3. We are an easy 45 minute drive or train ride from St milion home of many Bordeaux grand crus and a great day out. Explore the world heritage vineyards and village and taste the wines. Even closer to us visit Bergerac town (20 minutes) where a lovely self guided walking trail takes you through the old town and the Maison des Vins offers wine tasting or the bastide town of Ste Foy (15 minutes). <p> <a href="http://www.feelywines.com" target="_blank"><IMG width="300" src="markets.jpg" hspace="10" height="225" border="0" alt="Visiting markets" align="right"></a> 4. Do the markets: from our local in Gardonne (an easy bike ride) on Wednesday / Sunday to further afield like Issegeac. <p> Traditional french markets within 30 minutes drive of Chateau Feely include: <li>Sunday - Issigeac, Gardonne <li>Monday - Le Fleix, Duras <li>Tuesday - Port St. Foy <li>Wednesday - Bergerac, Velines, Gardonne <li>Thursday - Eymet, La Force, Duras <li>Friday - Sigoules <li>Saturday - Bergerac, Sainte Foy La Grande, Duras <p> 5. Go gourmet: within a 5 minute radius we have a wonderful selection of four restaurants including gourmet and casual: Lion D'Or in Saussignac (10 mins walk), Famille Moutier in Monestier (5 mins drive) for a Perigourdine feast, and Chateau Vigiers which has a bistro and a gourmet michelin starred restaurant. For family or casual fare the Pizzeria in Gardonne is 5 minutes drive. Within a 20 minute radius there is an almost infinite selection including a few of favourites like Au Fil d'Eau in Port Ste Foy, La Table du March and L'Imparfait in old town Bergerac and La Tour des Vents in Monbazillac. <P> 6. Discover the magnificence of the prehistoric caves of the region like Lascaux, a marvel painted about 20000 years ago called the 'Sistine Chapel of Prehistoric Art' and about which Picasso said 'we have invented nothing' (with modern art). <p> 7. The SNCF station 5 minutes away in Gardonne can whisk you to Bordeaux (just over an hour on the train) and save you from battling traffic for a day of exploring this world famous city. <p> <a href="http://www.luxurydordognegites.com" target="_blank"><IMG width="300" src="marqueyssac.jpg" hspace="10" height="200" border="0" alt="Stunning gardens" align="right"></a> 8. Take a day to explore the chateaux, cliff village and gardens on the route to Sarlat in the heart of the Dordogne. Beynac, the chateau where Richard the Lion Heart lived most of his adult life, the magnificent <a href="http://www.marqueyssac.com" target="_blank"><b>Jardins de Marqueyssac</b></a>... <p> 9. Visit the morning market then cool off at the river beach at port Ste Foy (15 minutes drive) <p> 10. Explore the Chateau Monbazillac and Chateau de Bridoire, a stunning castle also known as the castle of the games since you can play numerous medieval games in this chateau making it a great visit for families. Both are around 20 minutes drive. <p> <a name="10special"></a></align=left></p><h2><a name="Speciality">Special interest holidays</b></a></h2> <h3>Wine tours and wine courses</h3> We offer <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com/multi.html" target="_blank"><b>French Wine Adventures multi day tours</b></a> and <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com/workshops.html" target="_blank"><b>French Wine Adventures multi day courses</b></a> for those who want to explore wine on a working wine farm. <h3>Walking holidays</h3> We offer <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com/multi.html" target="_blank"><b>vineyard walking holidays</b></a>. If you want to book our accommodation self catering and either book Caro as your guide just for a day or ask for advice so you can self guide we are happy to do this. We are passionate about the wonderful region that surrounds us. <h3>Writer s Retreat</h3> Authors often need a quiet retreat away from the distractions of home and oce. During the off-season, our Wine Lodge offers the perfect place to getaway from it all. Contact us if you are interested in a long let in the winter. With Caro, a published author (<a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Grape-Expectations-Familys-Vineyard-Adventure/dp/1849532575" target="_blank"><b>Caro's first book Grape Expectations on Amazon</b></a>), onsite to swap ideas it could be the ideal place for you. <p> <h3>French Language Courses</h3> <p> All year round we can organise custom French language classes by our partner <B><a href="http://www.aquitainelangues.fr" target="_blank">Aquitaine Langues</a></b> either privately at Chateau Feely (no driving) or in a group at the language school (30 minutes drive away in Bergerac town). <p> <h3>Photography Courses and Painting Courses</h3> We can organise Photography lessons or Painting classes with our partner <a href="http://snowwhite.fr/en" target="_blank"><b>Atelier Snow White</a></b>. The Art school based in Saussignac Castle is a beautiful 1km walk through the vines from Chateau Feely. <h3>Cookery Courses</h3> We can organise French cookery classes with wonderful chef Stephane Cuzin of the <a href="http://www.table-du-marche.com/" target="_blank"><b>Table du March</a></b> restaurant just off the covered market in old town Bergerac or with our partner Dominique Bouvard walking distance away (800m). Coupling the market in Bergerac with a cookery class can be educational and great fun. Email <a href="mailto:caro@frenchwineadventures.com" title="Email us">caro@feelywines.com</a> for your dream holiday. <p> Sean and Caro Feely look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful organic farm. <p><a href="feelyfarmandgites.pdf"><b> Click here for a pdf of the whole farm chteau Feely</b></a> <a name="Gallery"></a></align=left></p><h2><a name="Property Photos">Property Photos</b></a></h2> <p> <b><a href="gallery07.php" alt="Property">The Property</a><br> <a href="gallery08.php" alt="things to do">Things to Do</a><br> <p> Visit <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com" target="_blank"><b>French Wine Adventures</b></a> for the wine school, multi-day organic vineyard walks and tours to St Emilion we offer. <p> Visit <a href="http://www.feelywines.com/tours.html" target="_blank"><b>Our Vineyard Tours</a></b> for the wine related activities we offer on the farm<p> <font size='3'><b> <a href="http://www.facebook.com/TerroirFeely" target="_blank"> Follow us and see our latest photos and updates on Facebook</a> <p> To 'LIKE' us please click the LIKE button. <iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hautgarrigue.com&amp;layout=standard&amp;show_faces=true&amp;width=450&amp;action=recommend&amp;font=arial&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;height=80" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:80px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> <clear="all"><font size="4"><i></i> </font> </TD></TR></TABLE> <font face="Arial"> <font size="2"> <font face="Arial"> <font size="1"> </p> <b><a href="http://www.feelywines.com" target="_blank">Feely Wines</a> | <a href="http://www.frenchwineadventures.com" target="_blank"><b>French Wine Adventures</b></a></b></a> <p> <p> <font size="1"><font color="#666666" face="Arial">EARL Chateau Haut Garrigue SIRET (company Registration): 48411928400012 TVA Intracommunautaire: FR47484119284 </td><td valign="top" width="24"></td><td valign="top" width="1%"> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td></tr></table></body> </html>